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Lighting the Future of Children

At Grace’s Promise, Inc. in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, we are focused on providing preschool education to underserved communities in third world countries such as Uganda. Our organization aims to provide preschool-age children the opportunity to acquire the fundamental skills they will need to enter kindergarten and graduate from primary school. To further this endeavor, we seek to partner with existing non-profits in rural communities.

Preschool programs are the first step in a child’s education and it is not available for free in third world countries. It was a visit to Uganda in 2015 when our founder, Grace, learned of this.

Grace has always been proactive in providing solutions to problems she sees. That is why she started a preschool program in the community clinic of African Community Center for Social Sustainability (ACCESS) to help the children of Nakaseke district in Uganda.

The Uganda preschool has been running for some time now, operating out of the ACCESS nursing school since March 2016. Our next step is stability, increased quality, and widening our reach. However, in order to achieve those, we need the assistance of like-minded people. We want to build a proper school for the children in Uganda and other parts of the world with help from donors.